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Casino GamesThe primary reasons why most people play casino games are entertainment and of course, make real money. Casinogames offer an exciting combination of both risk and reward, with luck playing a huge role in the overall outcome. However, the gambling terrain is vast, so newbies might find it difficult finding the best casino games. Worse still, each game comes with its own set of rules. This can be intimating at first.
Luckily, there are casino games that offer players easy entry points. The games are easy to play and offer huge payouts as well. Let’s discuss some of them:

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Casino GamesOnce upon a time, baccarat was considered as a casino game for the elite few. But in recent times, baccarat has become one of the most accessible casino games NZ thanks to mini-baccarat (7 table seats). Baccarat is straightforward to play, and all that a player should know is that there are 3 available wagers. They include the player, tie bets, and banker.
Here’s a brief overview:

  • Player: A wager at a player’s hand should be better than one on the banker’s hand.
  • Banker: A wager on the banker’s score should beat the player’s score
  • Tie: A bet on both the player and the banker’s score is equal.

All your baccarat winnings will be charged a 5% commission. On the other hand, you’ll still get the lowest house edge of 1.06%. With mini-baccarat, you only have to place a bet and leave the rest to the dealer.

Slot machines

Casino GamesSlots are arguably the simplest casino games New Zealand you can find. In this case, you’ll have to pick a spin button and then wait for the reels to stop spinning to see the outcome. Today, most slot machines feature 5-reel slots with more betting options and bonuses, unlike the previous 3-reelers.

However, the number of betting options on slot machines can differ from game to the other. Some slot games don’t allow players to make any changes, especially those on land-based casinos. Others, however, allow players to change the number of paylines, coin size, or coin amount per line.


Casino GamesRoulette rivals slots when it comes to the simplicity of play. With roulette, you’ll place a bet on a section/number on the wheel, spin it, and then wait for the result. However, some players find it difficult figuring out the board. To help you out, European roulette boards come in a grid of 37 while American roulette ones come with 38.

After figuring out the board, you can place your wager on a single number, outside boxes, or on an intersection between the lines. Here, you’ll need to know why you’re placing the chips in a given position. But on a bright note, you don’t need to understand much about the board. All in all, roulette is one of the easiest casinogames that offer big wins and plenty of entertainment.

Video Poker

Casino GamesVideo Poker is arguably the most difficult of all casino games NZ on this list. This game requires lots of strategies to make vital decisions that can impact the house edge’s every hand. To begin with, you’ll choose the draw button to get your 5-card hand. Now proceed to select the cards to hold and dispose before finalizing your hand.

If you know how to set up your strategies effectively, video poker is one of the easiest casino games in existence. However, your personal preferences might determine how far you can get into the plan. In short, you only have to decide which hands are worth keeping and which ones are not.


Casino GamesBlackjack is quite similar to video poker in terms of strategies. But the good news is that Blackjack allows you to jump in and play even without mastering the strategies fully. Here, every hand starts with you placing a wager on the proper circle. You’ll be dealt 2 cards and then decide on whether to hit or to remain still. You also have the option to double-down or split depending on the table rules or your score.
If you want to maximize your blackjack winnings, its best to check out some blackjack strategy charts online. Blackjack charts will help you know which moves should be made based on the dealer’s up-card or your score. You can also try to learn card counting.

Online Casino Scratch Cards

Casino GamesWhen we mention scratch cards, one thing comes to mind – scratch cards sold in convenience stores. You just have to scratch off the opaque to find out if you’ve won something. These scratch cards are similar to those found in most online casino games New Zealand. The only difference is that you can’t hold the card physically.

Instead, you’ll have to scratch off the virtual opaque using your mouse or finger, depending on your device. You’ll then know whether you’ve won a payout or not. Although casino scratch cards are not so popular as other casinogames, scratch cards are fun and easy to play. 2 casino’s with great games are Dunder and All slots casino.

Up to this point, you now have plenty of options to choose from, especially if you’re a beginner. If you become a master in one of these casino games, you’ll start making much from betting online.

Casino Games FAQ

⭐Are online casino games safe?

Online casino games are very safe and fair, thanks to the RNG (Random Number Generator). With this protocol, gaming fairness is ensured via randomness in slots. Also, an online casino should be regulated and licensed with its operating market. Moreover, make sure that the casino games are from respectable gaming providers.

⭐Are casino games about luck?

Honestly, all casino games are based on luck. However, there are some strategies which you can employ to maximise your winnings. If you play the “right” way, you can easily overcome the house edge.

⭐Are casino games addictive?

Some people will make you believe that gambling is an addictive and expensive venture. However, this is not true because playing any game or sport can be addictive. The only trick is mastering the art of gambling responsibly. Luckily, most casino sites offer free tutorials about this.

⭐Can I use multiple casinos to play?

The choice is entirely up to you whether to gamble on a single casino site or register more accounts. There is nothing wrong if you play at several casinos.

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